Stage Two of the Sunbelt Selling Process: Market Preparation

A group of people having a meeting: Market Preparation: Essential Steps & Tips

Once your Sunbelt broker has ensured you’re truly committed to selling your business and you’ve approved the Most Probable Selling Price, they will initiate stage two. This is the final preparation step before your business is marketed across a range of mediums, including 200 Business for Sale platforms, robust but selective internal buyers lists, and targeted searches.

First, your broker will further gather and analyze your business information and data to prepare two key marketing documents. These documents will educate interested buyers and narrow them down to qualified prospects who are more serious about your business.

Sunbelt uses a Blind Profile and Confidential Business Review to prepare your business for market

The Blind Profile is a teaser document that attracts prospective buyers.

One of the marketing documents your Sunbelt broker will prepare is a Blind Profile, a one- to two-page high level overview of your business and its financial standing. Its contents are general enough to maintain your business confidentiality and keep competitors out of the know, but detailed enough to solicit buyer interest.

Interested buyers are then contacted by your Sunbelt broker to undergo a thorough vetting process. This is one of the key benefits of working with business brokers rather than attempting a sale yourself. Sunbelt brokers know the ins and outs of selling, and know when a buyer is actually qualified to make the purchase and keep your business afloat. If the buyer is deemed qualified after this prescreening, they will be provided with the second marketing document: the Confidential Business Review.

The Confidential Business Review provides qualified buyers with a detailed business overview

The CBR is only shared with qualified buyers who’ve expressed serious interest in your business. These buyers also need to have signed a stringent non-disclosure agreement to view the CBR. Included in the CBR is a detailed business summary that covers all the key aspects a buyer must know before making an offer.

With the CBR, the buyer will further understand the value of your business, the profit potential, and whether it’s truly worth their investment. They will also have a stronger understanding of how their skills and interests will factor into picking up your business. All the while, your business will remain under strict confidentiality.

After creating the Blind Profile and Confidential Business Review, Sunbelt will begin marketing

Once the key marketing documents are prepared, Sunbelt will put your business through a rigorous marketing strategy. We’ll put your business in front of searching buyers and reach out to others through Sunbelt contacts. With Sunbelt’s expertise and dedication to finding the best buyer for your business at the best value, you’ll walk away from the selling process with your goals in hand.

Sunbelt Business Brokers sells more business than anyone else in the world. We offer custom deal structures, dedicated financial advisors, and compelling marketing assets that get our customers the best price for their business. Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers of Naples for a free valuation & consultation.