Stage Three of the Sunbelt Selling Process: Marketing

three people reviewing details of business sale: Stage Three: Development and Strategies

With marketing preparation out of the way, you can sit back and relax while your Sunbelt broker actively and confidentially markets your business. Once officially on the market, Sunbelt will work to locate and deliver high-quality buyers to the table. When selling your business with Sunbelt, you can expect us to work toward selling for the highest value possible, meeting your goals for the present and future.

While Sunbelt markets your business, you can stay focused on the current needs of your business to keep it running smoothly and maintaining top value. You don’t need to worry about the selling process when Sunbelt’s time-tested approach is underway.

Sunbelt marketing campaigns use a multitude of approaches

Your Sunbelt broker will market your business through a wide variety of mediums including internal buyer lists, the Sunbelt Network, targeted searches, solicitations, and web advertising throughout the Sunbelt Network and on top business marketing websites.

Overall, Sunbelt does more promotion of our businesses for sale than any business brokerage company. Sunbelt of Florida also is the only Sunbelt office that advertises on over 200 websites, so when you work with us, you know you’re getting the best reach to easily sell your company.

Your Sunbelt broker will take care of all buyer screening

Sunbelt’s process takes time to pre-screen buyers, then provide you with a Buyer Profile and Personal Financial Statement (PFS) on each interested buyer. Pre-screening gives you a great headstart as a seller because you can qualify a buyer before entering into a contract. All buyers who proceed to the next buying steps are filtered and vetted as fit prospects. These buyers prove their financial ability to purchase your business by having their personal financial statements verified and their creditworthiness pre-qualified by a Sunbelt lender.

Not only are these buyers financially fit, they have the skills to take your business mid-stride and grow it further. You can trust that the buyers making offers are capable of running your business successfully. Determining this more personal fit involves interviewing buyers to see if their lifestyle and business skills are a match for your industry and business type. Their personal goals and motivations are also considered, such as if they have an entrepreneurial mindset that will empower your business after you’ve sold it.

Sell your business with Sunbelt Business Brokers of Naples

Sunbelt Business Brokers sells more business than anyone else in the world. We offer custom deal structures, dedicated financial advisors, and compelling marketing assets that get our customers the best price for their business. Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers of Naples for a free valuation & consultation.