What Exactly is a Business Broker and What Do They Do for Someone Selling Their Business?

Man discussing his options: Someone Selling Their Business: Key Steps & Considerations

If you are about to start the process of selling your business, a business broker can help you find the right buyer that has the financial resources to get a deal done. Sunbelt pre-screens buyers by creating a profile that includes a Personal Financial Statement (PFS). Our system helps business owners know more about a potential buyer before signing a contract that defines the terms of a deal.

A business broker is a professional who assumes a wide variety of roles to help customers achieve their goals of selling their business to the most qualified buyers. Transferring the ownership of a business involves completing a series of complex steps, including calculating a fair value, confirming the financial records of potential buyers, and negotiating a favorable price that both parties accept.

What Does a Business Broker Do for an Owner Selling a Business?

A business broker manages every step of the process required for selling your business in addition to establishing the level of confidentiality required to prevent other potential buyers from discovering the specifics of a finalized business sales contract. As an intermediary that brings together business owners and qualified buyers, Sunbelt creates a Confidential Business Review (CBR) document that provides every prospective buyer of your business with detailed information before both parties sit down for the first meeting. A CRM typically runs between 15 and 30 pages

The primary benefit of hiring a dealmaker is to act as a buffer between your business and a qualified buyer. For example, a business broker provides advice on how to close the gap in the asking price, as well as recommend ideas on how to close a deal that both parties agree on to complete the sale of your business.

If you are interested in selling your business, a business broker helps you discover prospective buyers that match parameters such as industry, location, and size. Vetting potential buyers saves you time by eliminating unqualified buyers that do not meet the financial standards required to finalize a deal. During the first meeting with one of our business brokers, we help define your financial goals to narrow the field of candidates on your shortlist.

One of the most important roles of a merger and acquisition specialist involves negotiating a favorable deal that serves your best financial interests. A skilled negotiator ensures both parties remain engaged on the same issues, while helping overcome differences that can prevent the sale of a business. When a preliminary deal is reached, a business broker helps you cut through the regulatory red tape that can derail a transaction.

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Sunbelt promotes businesses on more than 200 websites in markets located around the world in a large number of different languages. As an established expert on how to obtain financing from the Small Business Administration (SBA), we contact the agencyโ€™s vast network of financial institutions to complete deals. Since we invest a considerable amount of money in closing a business sales deal, Sunlight is highly selective when it comes to the customers we work with to sell their businesses.

Sunbelt Business Brokers sells more businesses than anyone else in the world. We offer custom deal structures, dedicated financial advisors, and compelling marketing assets that get our customers the best price for their business. Sunbelt takes the time required to pre-screen every buyer by establishing a profile and receiving a Personal Financial Statement (PFS). Because we do the original legwork, you get a head start on selling your business.

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