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Business person going to shake hands: Right Business Contacts: Essential Networking Tips

How Do You Find the Right Business Contacts to Sell a Company?

Selling your business can be exciting, but it can be daunting as well. Long before you get to developing a deal structure, you need to take the first key step: finding and contacting potential buyers.…

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Man considering selling his business: Business Sell: Tips for Successful Sales

Why Would a Business Sell for Less Than It Makes Per Year (Annual Sales Revenue)?

If you’re a business owner, you might dream of the day when you’ll be able to step back from day-to-day operations and offer your business for sale. Selling your business is much more than a…

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Men sitting and discussing selling a business: Owner-Operator: Key Responsibilities & Challenges

Is Being an Owner-Operator Worth It?

The owner-operator business model makes sense for entrepreneurs who value hands-on experience. But the model is waning in popularity — and effectiveness — especially now that it’s a bit easier to run a business remotely.…

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Men discussing the sell of a business: Business Broker: Expert Guidance & Services

Business Broker vs. Investment Banker vs. M&A Advisor

It helps to have the right advisor when selling your business. But that means choosing between a business broker, an investment banker, and an M&A advisor. What’s the difference between these three professionals, and which…

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Man reviewing property values: Intellectual Property: Key Concepts & Protection

How Is Intellectual Property Valued When Selling a Business?

When selling your business, it’s relatively easy to place a value on tangible assets like inventory and equipment. But what about intellectual property? If you’re selling your business, here’s how your intellectual property will be…

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Man reviewing expectations from sellers: Business Owners Expect: Key Insights & Trends

What Should Business Owners Expect From a Business Broker?

Selling your business through a broker can be a wise choice. A business broker can streamline the process and ensure you get the best deal possible for the company that you’ve helped build. A great…

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Woman working at her new business: Online Retail Business: Strategies & Growth Tips

How Do You Value an Online Retail Business?

If you’re considering selling your business, you’ll have many advantages if you own an online retail business. Online retail businesses are often in-demand for prospective buyers looking to expand their portfolios. However, to make the…

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Business Seller has goodwill: When Selling a Business: Key Steps & Considerations

How to Value Goodwill When Selling a Business

Understanding and valuing Goodwill is a crucial step when selling your business, as it can increase the overall value of your sale. What Is Goodwill? Goodwill is any NON-TANGIBLE asset that’s directly tied to the…

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