Selling an Appliance Repair Company

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Are you considering selling an appliance repair company? You are not alone. Selling a business is one of the most complex decisions business owners will ever make. It’s important to take time and explore all options before making this decision, but if you’re ready to start, then Sunbelt Business Broker can be an excellent resource for selling your business. We have years of experience in buying and selling businesses throughout Florida, and we know how best to position your business with buyers who are looking for the type of service that you offer!

How do I sell my appliance repair business?

There are many entrepreneurs who want to sell their appliance repair businesses. The process of selling such a business can be time-consuming and difficult, however with the right knowledge and action plan it can be achieved.

Most people who are looking to sell an appliance repair business would first ask ‘how much is my appliance repair business worth?’ There are basically two options that you can consider, fixed price or bidding process. Although it may be more advantageous to sell your appliance repair business at a fixed price, it requires that you find the right qualified buyer with enough resources to purchase the business.

Business for sale by owner is becoming more popular as selling costs can be reduced and there is no need for an agent. However, most small businesses are sold through an intermediary which has proven to be the most cost-effective for many business owners.

One of the biggest challenges you are likely to face is finding a qualified buyer with enough resources to purchase your business. It is therefore advisable that you get professional help to sell your appliance repair business. The experts at Sunbelt Business Brokers will take care of the entire process so you can focus on running the business. will help with a business valuation, preparing business documentation, marketing the business for sale, screening potential buyers for your business, and negotiating the sale of your business.

Selling an appliance business can be challenging if you try by yourself. It is important to understand the business valuation, how business brokers operate and what they do for their customers to help you with your sale.

Selling an appliance repair company Fort Myers, Naples & Sarasota FL

How to Prepare an Appliance Repair Business for Sale

Sunbelt offers the perfect business broker services for business owners who are considering selling their appliance repair business. Our team consists of industry specialists experienced with putting appliance repair service businesses. As a customer with Sunbelt Business Brokers, you will receive a free consultation to discuss the type of assistance that may be beneficial in preparing your business for sale through a confidential and no-obligation consultation.

Selling an Appliance Repair Company

We have a unique selling process that separates us from other real estate professionals and makes selling your business go smoothly.

When you retain us, we help value and profile your business as we put together a listing agreement. Next, we value your business by engaging a third-party valuation firm if necessary, determining an asking price, drafting, and completing your business profile.

The next step is most important. We market your business and find buyers. We handle offers, due diligence and begin negotiations on your part until we have a buyer and your acceptance. The next phase is opening escrow and closing. See our complete selling process here.

The most important benefit of using an intermediary such as business brokers is that they will be able to take care of all the paperwork related to selling your small appliances shop. This can save you a lot of time and money. If you are a business owner interested in selling an appliance repair company, Sunbelt Business Brokers is here for you. Give us a call to schedule a free valuation and consultation today! We serve the Fort Myers, Naples, and Sarasota areas.