Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Window Cleaning Business

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It can be a challenge when trying to sell your window cleaning business. You have to sell the product, the customer service, and also yourself as an entrepreneur. Many business owners fail at selling their business because they don’t know how to approach potential buyers or what kind of value proposition will work for them.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with 5 proven ways that you can use right now to sell your window cleaning business for the highest possible price successfully without breaking a sweat!

1. Prepare an Exit Strategy

Many factors can force a window business owner to sell their company. Age, illness, lack of interest from the children in succession, or competition might compel one to take steps towards selling their company and retiring.

An alternative would be grooming an employee. Your employees know your company and will want the best for your business when it comes time to pass on leadership duties.

2. Determine the Value Before You Sell Your Window Cleaning Business

The first step you will want to take is understanding how much your business is worth. To do this, you will want to figure out how much time and money you have invested into the business. The best way to do that would be to evaluate how many customers you have every month and how much money they are paying you.

It also doesn’t hurt to think about how much you have achieved since opening the business (employee growth, customer growth, how well you can provide them with value). You don’t want to overestimate your company’s worth, just as you don’t want to underestimate it. Remember that potential buyers will save this number in their minds when thinking about buying your business.

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3. Organize Your Financial Records

As you start to sell your window washing business, be sure to take care when dealing with all financial matters. Do not underestimate how important it is for prospective buyers and other investors to have a clear understanding of why they should invest in this company.

For instance, if you want to sell your family-owned window washing business that has been around since 1975, make sure there are no loose ends left untreated. Bookkeeping must be immaculate because many people involved will want an accurate picture of what happens behind closed doors on behalf of their potential investment or purchase opportunity before making decisions about where best to allocate resources.

4. Boost Your Turnover – Best for Selling Businesses at a Higher Price

The more turnover you have, the better off you’ll be. You will want to focus on how much money you’re bringing in monthly and how many hours of work it took to get that done. One suggestion is to boost your customer service and how grateful you are for their business; make sure they feel valued! It’s an incredible feeling for customers when they know how much you appreciate their business.

When you’re trying to sell your window washing company, it’s best to show how much value you can bring potential buyers and how that value will increase after the new owner takes over. This means setting up systems (like a Customer Relationship Management CRM ), processes, customer support, and how you can provide quality service to satisfy them.

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5. List Your Window Cleaning Business for Sale

If you’re ready to sell your window washing business, you will want to prepare how you plan on listing your company. This includes how much personal information you choose to share on the internet and how much money you are asking for your company (remember not too high or too low).

These are the ways of going about doing this.

Way 1 – One way of selling your window washing business is to contact Sunbelt Business Brokers. Our team is prepared to help sell any business. We have years of experience and know just what your business needs to sell at the right price!

Way 2 – Another way of selling your window washing business has involved attending local networking events in your area; tell them how much you’re looking to sell for and how much you appreciate their business. You can even talk to local real estate agents and how they can help sell your window cleaning business for you.


If you’ve been a window cleaner for some time, it may be the right time to sell your business. Sunbelt Business Brokers know that selling a small or medium-sized business is quite different than buying one, and we want to help make sure you get top dollar for your hard work!

Our team of experts can assist in preparing an exit strategy, determine the value of your window cleaning company, and organize financial records like profit and loss statements and balance sheets. With this information at hand, people will be more likely to offer competitive bids on your business which means higher profits when it finally sells.

Have you decided what type of revenue stream would best suit you? Let us know about your current situation before you sell your window cleaning business by contacting us! We have locations in Sarasota, Fort Myers & Naples to serve you anywhere in the state of Florida.

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