The Best Way to Sell a Self-Storage Facility

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Do you have a self-storage facility you need to sell? Are you having a hard time finding the right buyers? Our team at Sunbelt Business Brokers can help you make your self-storage facility more attractive to potential buyers!

Here are some important questions you should ask yourself to prepare your business to be sold.

Is your self-storage facility competitive?

The self-storage industry is very competitive, which means your business needs to stay on top of local prices. Your rental rates need to be based on your competitors. Potential buyers will want to see that your business is growing and has customers.

With many competing storage facilities in the area, buyers will be interested in how your business is handling the competition. So while you’re preparing to sell, make sure you understand how your business is doing locally.

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Does your business look appealing?

The biggest thing that will turn buyers away is a messy business. Make sure your self-storage facility is not only clean on the outside but also the inside. Keep any grass on the property trimmed and garbage off the ground.

Also, pressure washing your building and cement can make your storage facility look brand new. On the inside of your business, keep your paperwork in order and all of your finances tidy.

Other things that can bring curb appeal:

  • Landscaping features (trees and flowers)
  • Bright colors to make your storage facility stand out
  • Security cameras – customers will feel safer

Does your facility offer any amenities?

Similar to pricing, self-storage amenities will help attract customers. Amenities might include:

  • indoor and outdoor storage
  • climate control
  • security
  • bathrooms
  • lighting

Making sure you have returning customers, and new customers are essential when trying to sell your business. That’s why it’s important to have amenities. Nobody wants to buy a business that’s not making any money.

Having even one or two contracted customers can make the difference when trying to sell a self-storage facility. The amenities you have to offer will bring up the value of your business. Depending on how valuable your business is, it will help to decide the selling price of your storage facility.

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Is your self-storage facility damaged?

If your self-storage facility isn’t in good condition, then you might want to consider making repairs before selling. As we said before, the value of your business is important when trying to sell. Either yourself or a professional will have to value your business before it can be sold.

This evaluation will help determine how much you should sell your storage facility for. If you’d like a professional to evaluate your business, contact Sunbelt Business Brokers today!

Have you thought about a marketing strategy?

The best way to sell your business is to market it online. As the world continues to move towards technology, people use websites and social media as their primary source of information.

Internet marketing has made it easier for everyone to find information about anything they want. It’s also improved the selling process because prospective buyers can use your website to see if you’re a legitimate business or not. If you’re having trouble marketing your self-storage facility, consider working with a business broker. Professionals like Sunbelt Brokers can also help you develop a marketing strategy that will sell your business fast and hassle-free.

sell a self-storage facility Sarasota Florida

Do you want to know how to sell a self-storage facility fast?

The fastest way to sell a self-storage facility is by working with Sunbelt Business Brokers! We make the process easy by taking away all of your stress. We’ll evaluate your business and give you a fair price. Once we do that, we’ll advertise your self-storage facility to attract potential buyers. We’ll also broker the deal, so everything is taken care of.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!

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