5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Broker: Sell Your Window Cleaning Company

Do you want to sell your window cleaning business? If so, you must find a broker that will work hard for you. You should always ask these five questions before hiring business brokers:

1) What marketing strategies do business brokers use?

When considering whether to use a business broker to sell your high-rise window cleaning business or not, you should ask what marketing strategies they will use to attract potential buyers. The idea behind using a business broker is that they can reach more potential buyers than you would on your own. They are skilled in marketing and adept at getting their name out there (like attending conferences, using social media & connections). Brokers handle the entire process for you. If you are not a skilled negotiator, then this is an important consideration to make.

The best business brokers know how to raise the profile of a company by getting it in front of appropriate audiences and generating buzz about the sale on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, they typically have contacts with potential buyers and can help you get the best price for your company. Remember, when it comes to selling a business, timing is everything! Another marketing strategy that brokers use is to create a company brochure or commercial that shows your business in the best light. Business broker reps know how to market up an offer to make sure you get the best deal.

2) How do you verify that the business broker is reputable?

Reputation is critical when hiring someone to represent your business. Suppose you search on Google, LinkedIn, or other social media sites for the broker’s name and company. In that case, they will likely have reviews from previous clients and testimonials to back up their reputable claims.

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3) Does the business broker provide references from sellers in my industry?

Like any other industry, many different brokers are competing for your business. Suppose you have a list of the most reputable broker’s names from these questions and find out that they specialize in selling window cleaning companies. In that case, their reputation will likely mirror what you see on social media sites. You should also ask if this broker has references to verify that previous business owners have sold similar businesses in the past and discuss their experience with the process.

If your business is like most, it will be hard to find a company specializing solely in selling window cleaning companies because of how specialized this type of company is. Therefore, it would be wise for you to ask if the brokers specialize in more than just one industry, so you gain the most exposure.

4) How much do business brokers charge to sell a window cleaning company?

Business brokers are paid a percentage of the selling price. Typically, it ranges between one to ten percent. You’ll want to know this before you sign any contract with one or more business broker(s). In addition to cost, you need to ask what your responsibilities are to succeed with their services.

5) What is the benefit of using business brokers to sell your window cleaning business?

The most significant benefit of using one or more brokers is that they can help identify buyers who would be perfect for your company while at the same time being a good match for you. They also provide buyers with all the information about your company and industry to make sure they’re making an informed decision when purchasing it.

Their expertise will save you time and stress because they can handle all the paperwork, including filing, to get your company ready for sale.

Lastly, a broker should answer any questions that buyers may have about your industry or company when selling it. They’re also likely going to know how much other similar companies in your area are worth and if you should price yours high or low.

Your company is a business, and it’s likely your livelihood too; make sure you’re taking the time to do all of your research before hiring a broker to sell it. You’ll be glad that you did when they save you so much time and stress in the process!

Hiring business brokers doesn’t have to be a scary process. Do your research and ask the right questions to make an educated decision that will benefit both yourself and your window cleaning company. If you’re planning to sell your window cleaning company, Sunbelt Business Brokers of Fort Myers, Naples & Sarasota Florida maximizes value for sellers. Give us a call today to learn how Sunbelt can help!

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